EP.002: Faydra Koenig

FAYDRA2My interview with “America’s Crises Coach” Faydra was AWESOME and EXACTLY what aspiring speaker needed to hear! As a new podcaster  I want to make sure thatSpeakers On Speaking adds values to your speaking journey. So you can imagine the stress that I was experiencing as I thought about my first interview. So many questions… “How do I get a guest? What do I say? Will I make a fool out of myself?” Well there was nothing to stress over, because I had Faydra “America’s Crises Coach.” She had me feeling calm at “Hello!”

Faydra knew what I was going through. I make that bold claim for three reasons.

  1. She has her own podcast “Coming Out of the Fire.” A podcast where she interviews high-achievers who faced unimaginable obstacles and came out on top.
  2. She knows how to to help people though crises and last but not least…
  3. She IS a professional speaker, successfully earning a living as a speaker for over than 10 years.

Additional Information:

[ctt title=”Faydra, America Crises Coach CEO shares her experience as a speaker.” tweet=”@CoachFaydra, America Crises Coach CEO shares her experience as a speaker.” coverup=”aavU1″]

Use this  to jump to a specific section in the interview. 

  • [7:15] How did you get into speaking?
  • [11:10]What role did blogging  play in building your speaking platform?
  • [13:48] How did you make the shift from speaking on issues that are emotional in nature?
  • [15:20]  How does one reverse the “Stuck in their Moment” pattern?
  • [16:23]  Speaker Take Aways
  • [17:21]How did you shift from “free to fee”
  • [20:21] How did you overcome your nervousness?
  • [23:30] When did you know you are making a difference as a speaker?
  • [25:15] How do you deal with fear?
  • [26:50] How do you rehearse your speeches
  • [27:30] What strategies do you use to connect with the audience?
  • [30:02] Is speaking a talent or a skill
  • [32:55] Where is the speaking industry going?
  • [34:45] Faydra on Branding
  • [39:00] Encouraging words to the Aspiring Speaker


  • [2:50] “Sometimes life sucks…I make life suck less.”
  • [4:52] “I niched up…and widen my niche”.
  • [8:33] “I used to get in trouble for talking so much. But now I get paid so much to speak it’s mind boggling.”
  • [39:00]“Don’t despise the day of small beginnings”


Key Points:

  • “If you are putting yourself last, it is hard for you to show up for the audience.”
  • “Everyone refers from within.”


About the Author
Antwon Lincoln has over a decade of experience as a presenter. He has presented to a wide range of audiences at conferences, educational agencies, non-profits, and universities. But he is NOT a professional! Read this to learn more about what he's going to do about this.