Speaker Interviews

EP.002: Faydra Koenig

FAYDRA2My interview with “America’s Crises Coach” Faydra was AWESOME and EXACTLY what aspiring speaker needed to hear! As a new podcaster  I want to make sure thatSpeakers On Speaking adds values to your speaking journey. So you can imagine the stress that I was experiencing as I thought about my first interview. So many questions… “How do I get a guest? What do I say? Will I make a fool out of myself?” Well there was nothing to stress over, because I had Faydra “America’s Crises Coach.” She had me feeling calm at “Hello!”

Faydra knew what I was going through. I make that bold claim for three reasons.

  1. She has her own podcast “Coming Out of the Fire.” A podcast where she interviews high-achievers who faced unimaginable obstacles and came out on top.
  2. She knows how to to help people though crises and last but not least…
  3. She IS a professional speaker, successfully earning a living as a speaker for over than 10 years.

Additional Information:

[ctt title=”Faydra, America Crises Coach CEO shares her experience as a speaker.” tweet=”@CoachFaydra, America Crises Coach CEO shares her experience as a speaker.” coverup=”aavU1″]

Use this  to jump to a specific section in the interview. 

  • [7:15] How did you get into speaking?
  • [11:10]What role did blogging  play in building your speaking platform?
  • [13:48] How did you make the shift from speaking on issues that are emotional in nature?
  • [15:20]  How does one reverse the “Stuck in their Moment” pattern?
  • [16:23]  Speaker Take Aways
  • [17:21]How did you shift from “free to fee”
  • [20:21] How did you overcome your nervousness?
  • [23:30] When did you know you are making a difference as a speaker?
  • [25:15] How do you deal with fear?
  • [26:50] How do you rehearse your speeches
  • [27:30] What strategies do you use to connect with the audience?
  • [30:02] Is speaking a talent or a skill
  • [32:55] Where is the speaking industry going?
  • [34:45] Faydra on Branding
  • [39:00] Encouraging words to the Aspiring Speaker


  • [2:50] “Sometimes life sucks…I make life suck less.”
  • [4:52] “I niched up…and widen my niche”.
  • [8:33] “I used to get in trouble for talking so much. But now I get paid so much to speak it’s mind boggling.”
  • [39:00]“Don’t despise the day of small beginnings”


Key Points:

  • “If you are putting yourself last, it is hard for you to show up for the audience.”
  • “Everyone refers from within.”


EP.000: Antwon Lincoln

After many days of interviewing, downloading plugins and being DISTRICTED by the latest shining thing that would push Speakers On Speaking launch date further from the official start date (Feb. 7), it is finally time to launch the show. Is it my best attempt? It could be better. But at some time one needs to just launch (Seth Godin help me with that revelation)!

This 10 minute short episode (EP.000) introduces Speaker On Speaking to you and gives some insights on how you can become active with the show. I invite you to listen, subscribe (iTunes or Stitchers) and share with others.

As for comments…

I always welcome comments for you the listener. Comments help me get better and provides direction to help the show get better. However, listen to a couple of shows first. Trust me I get better as the interviews progress.